All-Star Week Player Rules

2020 Rules: This will be a very enjoyable week if all instructions are followed and obey the rules a


There will be an 11:00 pm curfew. Anyone violating this will immediately be sent home. There will be no alcohol, drugs, or firearms allowed in the all-star’s possession while involved with the All-Star games and practices. Each all-star will turn in their car keys and cell phones at the time of check in to your coach. If you need them later you may get them from your coach. Any unauthorized use of your vehicle or cell phone will result in your being sent home.


Hair for male athletes will be off the collar of a T-shirt, no longer than the earlobe, and cut above the eyebrow out of the eyes. There will be no long hair, facial hair, or earrings worn by male all-stars. There will be no body piercing allowed by male or female athletes. Violations of these will result in the All-Star being sent home. Female athletes are encouraged to dress modestly when attending functions.


Each All-Star will be expected to conduct themselves in accordance to the regulations of the Texas Six Man Coaches Association. Among the regulations: No destruction of property, no loud, profane, or disruptive behavior, and no members of the opposite sex allowed in dorm rooms. Violations of any rule will result in the All-Star being sent home. You will be responsible for paying for any damage to property in which you are involved.


The Wichita Falls Visitors Bureau and the Texas Six Man Coaches Association have scheduled various activities for you during the week. You are required to attend each of the activities and conduct yourselves accordingly.


The Texas Six Man Coaches Association will provide insurance on each All-Star. The insurance is of the secondary type, which is similar to what most schools provide for their athletes. Any expense involved not covered by the insurance will be the responsibility of the All-Star and his/her family.

Workout: In most cases, workouts will be twice a day. You will be required to bring all necessary equipment you will need. 

Game behavior

Any all-star, who in the mind of the Conduct Committee violates the spirit of the Association by his/her behavior in the game will be removed from said game and will forfeit their award. All-Stars may put their last name on the back of their game jersey. 

Things to Bring

All all-stars need to bring all items needed for the dorm room. This includes sheets, pillow, towels, personal hygiene products etc.

Football players must bring all pads and practice clothes with the exception of a helmet and game jersey. Game pants will be provided 

Basketball players must bring all practice gear that they need. Game shorts will be provided.


All meals and activities are provided by the Texas Six Man Coaches Association. You may want to bring money for the following: snacks, photos, and a video of the weeks activities will be available for purchase at the end of the week.