Coaches Hall of Fame


Gary Fox

Head Coach: Oglesby, Miles, Ira, Goldburg, 


James Bruce “Pro” Jones

Head Coach Turnersville Buffalos. 

Record 67-52-1

Mitch Lee 

Head Coach: Panther Creek, Ropesville, Knox City, Gordon, May, Robert Lee. 

Record 230-109-3

Karry Owens

Head Coach: Highland, Iredell, Gustine, Loop, Sands, Water Valley

Record 183-93-4

Clyde Parham

Head Coach: Strawn, Silverton, Wilson, Jayton, Throckmorton, and Sterling City

Record 168-99-1


John F. Cornelius

Head Coach at Wellman Union & Loop

Record 226-113-2

Danny James

Head Coach at Follett, Whitharral, Maple Three Way, Miami, and Rule


Galen Smart

Head Coach at Northside, Chillicothe, and Crowell.

Record 107-65

Buddy W. Luce
Head Coach at Christoval

Record 88-19-1 

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